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Title : Lecture 4: Prototyping

Description : Description: Before games come to market, they undergo several tests: Are there technical glitches? Can players easily get started? Is the gameplay what the designers intended? Sara Verrilli discusses how and why to conduct focus testing. Instructors/speakers: Philip Tan, Jason Begy, Sara Verrilli (Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab)Keywords: playtesting, prototyping, strategy, user feedback, technical testing, design specification, player experience, focus testing, usability testing, target audience, accessibility, marketing, surveys, data collection, board games, video games, card games, teamwork, diplomacy, dynamic, aesthetic, mechanicTranscript: PDF (English - US)Subtitles: SRTAudio - download: Internet Archive (MP3)Audio - download: iTunes U (MP3)(CC BY-NC-SA)

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Date : 2011-08-04T14:10:30+05:00

Language : en-US

Subject : playtesting

Subject : prototyping

Subject : strategy

Subject : user feedback

Subject : technical testing

Subject : design specification

Subject : player experience

Subject : focus testing

Subject : usability testing

Subject : target audience

Subject : accessibility

Subject : marketing

Subject : surveys

Subject : data collection

Subject : board games

Subject : video games

Subject : card games

Subject : teamwork

Subject : diplomacy

Subject : dynamic

Subject : aesthetic

Subject : mechanic

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