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Title : Elizabeth Cross, arrested for theft

Description : Name: Elizabeth Cross Arrested for: not given Arrested at: North Shields Police Station Arrested on: 7 April 1906 Tyne and Wear Archives ref: DX1388-1-39-Elizabeth Cross The Shields Daily News for 12 April 1906 reports: "At North Shields Police Court today, Elizabeth Cross (48), a married woman, living at 1 Middle Engine, was brought up on three charges on larceny, viz, of stealing on the 8th of April from the shop, 19 Saville Street, 6 table spoons valued at 3s 11d, the property of the executors of the late Mr J.M. Fisher, two skirts and an antimacassar, value 6s, the property of Louisa Hayes, from the shop 36 Wellington Street and a table knife, value 8d, the property of Henry Gregg, from a cafe situate 12 Saville Street West. After the hearing the evidence the magistrates committed her to prison for seven days in the second division, the sentences to run concurrently". The Shields Daily News for 8 June 1906 reports: "A CHARGE WITHDRAWN. Elizabeth Cross (48), married, no fixed abode, was charged on remand with having stolen two gold rings the property of some unknown person. Chief Constable Huish said he had been unable to find an owner and he therefore asked that the charge against the accused be withdrawn. The magistrates concurred". These images are a selection from an album of photographs of prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court between 1902 and 1916 in the collection of Tyne & Wear Archives (TWA ref DX1388/1). (Copyright) We're happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Please cite 'Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums' when reusing. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions and commercial use of the original physical version apply though; if you're unsure please email

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