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Title : Kunjong Chon

Description : Collection: Willard Dickerman Straight and Early U.S.-Korea Diplomatic Relations, Cornell University Library Title: Kunjong Chon Date: ca. 1904 Type: Photographs Description: 'Kunjongjon' (Hall of Government by Restraint) at the Kyongbokkung (Kyongbok Palace), Seoul. 'Was the hub of Taejo's capital. It was here that eight of the early Yi kings, beginning with 'Chongjong' (2nd king, 1398-1400) and ending with 'Sonjo' (14th king, 1567-1608), were enthroned.' Source; Adams, Edward B. Palaces of Seoul : Yi Dynasty palaces in Korea's capital city, 1972. P. 21. Inscription/Marks: Inscription in ink, presumably in WDS hand: 'Seoul' Identifier: 1260. Persistent URI: There are no known U.S. copyright restrictions on this image. The digital file is owned by the Cornell University Library which is making it freely available with the request that, when possible, the Library be credited as its source. We had some help with the geocoding from Web Services by Yahoo!

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