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Title : Graham Wallas and Group, c1920

Description : Graham Wallas (seated left), with Harold Laski (right), Walter Lippmann and an unidentified woman in the USA. Graham Wallas (1858-1932), political scientist, was one of the founders of the London School of Economics (along with George Bernard Shaw and Sidney and Beatrice Webb) and the School's first Professor of Political Science. He retired in 1923. Harold Laski (1893-1950) lectured at McGill, Harvard and Yale Universities before joining LSE in 1920. He became Professor of Political Science in 1926 and stayed at LSE until his death in 1950. Walter Lippmann (1889-1974) was an American Pullitzer Prize-winning journalist, philosopher and media and political commentator who studied under Wallas at Harvard. IMAGELIBRARY/1365 Persistent URL:

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