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Title : Mr J. McKillop, c1909

Description : IMAGELIBRARY/72 Mr J. McKillop, C1909 Originally appointed as Director's Secretary and then became Librarian. Excerpt from reminiscences of former staff. 'LSE Material on the history of the School' LSE Archives ref R(S.R)1101, p.123): Florence Mare on Mr McKillop Mr J.M. McKillop was the Chief Librarian all the time I was at the LSE. He was rather a silent man, but most helpful in finding the things you needed., appreciating how precious was the little spare time of evening students. Both he and his wife were kind to us ‘lodgers’ in London and invited us to their home. Lady S. Simon on Mr Mckillop There was also the Duo Decimo Society run by Mr McKillop, the librarian, membership of which being so limited was highly coveted. It met regularly for dinner and discussion and members could bring guests. IMAGELIBRARY/72 Persistent URL:

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