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Title : 10.547J Principles and Practice of Drug Development (MIT)

Description : This course serves as a description and critical assessment of the major issues and stages of developing a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical. Topics covered include drug discovery, preclinical development, clinical investigation, manufacturing and regulatory issues considered for small and large molecules, and economic and financial considerations of the drug development process. A multidisciplinary perspective is provided by the faculty, who represent clinical, life, and management sciences. Various industry guests also participate.

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Date : 2006-04-26T00:29:12+05:00

Relation : 10.547J

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Relation : HST.920J

Language : en-US

Subject : pharmaceutical

Subject : biopharmaceutical

Subject : drug discovery

Subject : preclinical development

Subject : clinical investigation

Subject : major issues of developing drugs

Subject : major stages of developing drugs

Subject : manufacturing issues

Subject : regulatory issues

Subject : economic considerations of drug development process

Subject : financial considerations of drug development process

Subject : clinical perspective

Subject : life sciences perspective on drug development

Subject : management sciences perspective on drug development

Subject : pharmaceutical industry guests

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