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Title : TALAT Lecture 1202: Metallography of Aluminium Alloys

Description : This lecture aims at providing a survey of the metallographic techniques available for the examination of aluminium and its alloys. The information must be sufficient to be sure that the students and the users are able to choose the most suitable technique to solve their problems in the examination of samples. The lecture should contain a direct understanding of the main problems in the metallography of the different classes of aluminium materials.

Date : 2009-09-24

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Publisher : Core-Materials

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Subject : aluminium

Subject : aluminum

Subject : european aluminium association

Subject : EAA

Subject : Training in Aluminium Application Technologies

Subject : training

Subject : metallurgy

Subject : technology

Subject : lecture

Subject : metallography

Subject : sample preparation

Subject : grinding

Subject : polishing

Subject : etching

Subject : anodising

Subject : electropolishing

Subject : dimpling

Subject : ion milling

Subject : polarised light

Subject : electron channelling

Subject : interference contrast

Subject : high resolution electron microscopy

Subject : SEM

Subject : TEM

Subject : HREM

Subject : HVEM

Subject : optical microscopy

Subject : high voltage electron microscopy

Subject : commercial purity

Subject : wrought alloys

Subject : foundry alloys

Subject : corematerials

Subject : ukoer