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Title : 6.837 Computer Graphics (MIT)

Description : 6.837 offers an introduction to computer graphics hardware, algorithms, and software. Topics include: line generators, affine transformations, line and polygon clipping, splines, interactive techniques, perspective projection, solid modeling, hidden surface algorithms, lighting models, shading, and animation. Substantial programming experience is required. This course is worth 6 Engineering Design Points.

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Date : 2004-09-08T19:25:26+05:00

Relation : 6.837

Language : en-US

Subject : data structures; algorithms; presenting data visually; programming; computer graphics; computer graphics applications; ray tracing; ray casting; transformation; hierarchy

Subject : data structures

Subject : algorithms

Subject : presenting data visually

Subject : programming

Subject : computer graphics

Subject : computer graphics applications

Subject : ray tracing

Subject : ray casting

Subject : transformation

Subject : hierarchy

Subject : illumination

Subject : shading

Subject : acceleration structures

Subject : animation

Subject : image-based rendering

Subject : curves

Subject : surfaces

Subject : key frames

Subject : perspective

Subject : rasterization

Subject : clipping

Subject : visibility

Subject : rendering

Subject : radiosity

Subject : colors

Subject : altialiasing

Subject : texture mapping

Subject : procedural textures

Subject : shadows

Subject : graphics hardware

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