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Title : 21A.235 American Dream: Exploring Class in the U.S. (MIT)

Description : Americans have historically preferred to think of the United States in classless terms, as a land of economic opportunity equally open to all. Yet, social class remains a central fault line in the U.S. Subject explores the experiences and understandings of class among Americans positioned at different points along the U.S. social spectrum. Considers a variety of classic frameworks for analyzing social class and uses memoirs, novels and ethnographies to gain a sense of how class is experienced in daily life and how it intersects with other forms of social difference such as race and gender.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2007

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Date : 2007-11-01T00:55:08+05:00

Relation : 21A.235

Language : en-US

Subject : Class

Subject : inequality

Subject : anthropology

Subject : narrative

Subject : ethnography

Subject : marx

Subject : weber

Subject : bourdieu

Subject : post-structuralism

Subject : habitus

Subject : race

Subject : gender

Subject : upward mobility

Subject : downward mobility

Subject : deindustrialization

Subject : assembly line

Subject : rich

Subject : post war

Subject : underclass

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