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Title : 6.092 Java Preparation for 6.170 (MIT)

Description : This course focuses on introducing the language, libraries, tools and concepts of JavaTM. The course is specifically targeted at students who intend to take 6.170 in the following term and feel they would struggle because they lack the necessary background. Topics include: Object-oriented programming, primitives, arrays, objects, inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, hashing, data structures, collections, nested classes, floating point precision, defensive programming, and depth-first search algorithm.

Fromsemester : January IAP

Fromyear : 2006

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Date : 2006-04-11T16:41:55+05:00

Relation : 6.092

Language : en-US

Subject : Object oriented programming

Subject : Java program structure

Subject : class file, main, methods, fields

Subject : Primitives

Subject : Control flow, method calls, if/then, for loop, while loop

Subject : Arrays

Subject : Objects, declaration, assignment, mutation, scope

Subject : Classes vs Objects/Instances

Subject : Method Overloading

Subject : Inheritence

Subject : Abstract superclasses

Subject : Interfaces

Subject : Polymorphism

Subject : Method Overriding

Subject : Hashing

Subject : Data structures

Subject : Collections

Subject : Advanced control flow

Subject : Writing interfaces, abstract classes

Subject : True subtyping, composite

Subject : Throwing and catching exceptions

Subject : Nested classes

Subject : Floating point precision

Subject : Defensive programming

Subject : Depth First Search alogithm

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