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Title : 3.35 Fracture and Fatigue (MIT)

Description : Investigation of linear elastic and elastic-plastic fracture mechanics. Topics include microstructural effects on fracture in metals, ceramics, polymers, thin films, biological materials and composites, toughening mechanisms, crack growth resistance and creep fracture. Also covered: interface fracture mechanics, fatigue damage and dislocation substructures in single crystals, stress- and strain-life approach to fatigue, fatigue crack growth models and mechanisms, variable amplitude fatigue, corrosion fatigue and case studies of fracture and fatigue in structural, bioimplant, and microelectronic components.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2003

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Date : 2004-05-21T05:36:09+05:00

Relation : 3.35

Language : en-US

Subject : Linear elastic

Subject : elastic-plastic fracture mechanics

Subject : Microstructural effects on fracture

Subject : Toughening mechanisms

Subject : Crack growth resistance

Subject : creep fracture

Subject : Interface fracture mechanics

Subject : Fatigue damage

Subject : dislocation substructures

Subject : Variable amplitude fatigue

Subject : Corrosion fatigue

Subject : experimental methods

Subject : microstructural effects

Subject : metals

Subject : ceramics

Subject : polymers

Subject : thin films

Subject : biological materials

Subject : composites

Subject : single crystals

Subject : stress-life

Subject : strain-life

Subject : structural components

Subject : bioimplant components

Subject : microelectronic components

Subject : case studies

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