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Title : 9.63 Laboratory in Cognitive Science (MIT)

Description : Teaches principles of experimental methods in human perception and cognition, including design and statistical analysis. Combines lectures and hands-on experimental exercises; requires an independent experimental project. Some experience in programming desirable. To foster improved writing and presentation skills in conducting and critiquing research in cognitive science, students are required to provide reports and give oral presentations of three team experiments; a fourth individually conducted experiment includes a proposal with revision, and concluding written and oral reports.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2002

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Date : 2003-09-16T08:12:03+05:00

Relation : 9.63

Language : en-US

Subject : language processing

Subject : structure

Subject : Sentence processing

Subject : Discourse processing

Subject : storage

Subject : Morphological processing

Subject : Ambiguity resolution

Subject : computational modeling

Subject : connectionist models

Subject : critical period

Subject : Speech acquisition

Subject : word acquisition

Subject : self-paced reading

Subject : eye-tracking

Subject : cross-modal priming

Subject : maging

Subject : language acquisition

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