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Title : ESD.68J Communications and Information Policy (MIT)

Description : This course provides an introduction to the technology and policy context of public communications networks, through critical discussion of current issues in communications policy and their historical roots. The course focuses on underlying rationales and models for government involvement and the complex dynamics introduced by co-evolving technologies, industry structure, and public policy objectives. Cases drawn from cellular, fixed-line, and Internet applications include evolution of spectrum policy and current proposals for reform; the migration to broadband and implications for universal service policies; and property rights associated with digital content. The course lays a foundation for thesis research in this domain.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2006

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Relation : ESD.68J

Relation : 6.978J

Language : en-US

Subject : network

Subject : networking

Subject : telecommunications

Subject : data network

Subject : internet

Subject : services

Subject : wireless

Subject : public policy

Subject : FCC

Subject : regulation

Subject : information service

Subject : telecom

Subject : datacom

Subject : broadband

Subject : bandwidth

Subject : open access

Subject : spectrum

Subject : copyright

Subject : RIAA

Subject : IP

Subject : intellectual property

Subject : DRM

Subject : privacy

Subject : piracy

Subject : layered model

Subject : interconnection

Subject : competition

Subject : VoIP

Subject : IPTV

Subject : network neutrality

Subject : ISP

Subject : telco

Subject : ESD.68

Subject : 6.978

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