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Title : 21L.006 American Literature (MIT)

Description : This is a HASS-D CI course. Like other communications-intensive courses in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, it allows students to produce 20 pages of polished writing with careful attention to revision. It also offers substantial opportunities for oral expression, through presentations of written work, student-led discussion, and class participation. The class has a low enrollment that ensures maximum attention to student writing and opportunity for oral expression, and a writing fellow/tutor is available for consultation on drafts and revisions.

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Date : 2003-09-16T11:28:10+05:00

Relation : 21L.006

Language : en-US

Subject : William Bradford

Subject : Mary Rowlandson

Subject : Jonathan Edwards

Subject : Benjamin Franklin

Subject : Olaudah Equiano

Subject : Phyllis Wheatley

Subject : Washington Irving

Subject : Ralph Waldo Emerson

Subject : Henry David Thoreau

Subject : Nathaniel Hawthorne

Subject : Frederick Douglass

Subject : Herman Melville

Subject : Margaret Fuller

Subject : Harriet Beecher Stowe

Subject : Walt Whitman

Subject : Emily Dickinson

Subject : realism

Subject : satire

Subject : Rebecca Harding Davis

Subject : Samuel Clemens

Subject : Sarah Orne Jewett

Subject : Kate Chopin

Subject : Charlotte Perkins

Subject : Gilman

Subject : Edith Wharton

Subject : revision

Subject : Claude McKay

Subject : Zora Neale Hurston

Subject : Jean Toomer

Subject : Langston Hughes

Subject : Countee Cullen

Subject : Richard Wright

Subject : Toni Morrison

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