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Title : 16.522 Space Propulsion (MIT)

Description : Space Propulsion begins with a review of rocket propulsion fundamentals. The course then proceeds into advanced propulsion concepts, ranging from chemical to electrical engines. Propulsion system selection criteria and mission analysis are introduced. The bulk of the semester is devoted to the physics and engineering of various engine classes, including electrothermal, electrostatic and electro-magnetic. Specific topics include arcjets, ion engines, Hall thrusters and colloid thrusters.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2004

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Relation : 16.522

Language : en-US

Subject : space propulsion

Subject : rocket propulsion

Subject : spacecraft propulsion requirements

Subject : propulsion

Subject : space mission analysis

Subject : hydrazine

Subject : monopropellant thrusters

Subject : bipropellants

Subject : solid propellant

Subject : arcjets

Subject : ion engines

Subject : hall thrusters

Subject : electromagnetic plasma acceleration

Subject : pulsed plasma thrusters

Subject : colloid thrusters

Subject : FEEP thrusters

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