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Title : 2.626 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics (MIT)

Description : In this course students will learn how solar cells convert light into electricity, how solar cells are manufactured, how solar cells are evaluated, what technologies are currently on the market, and how to evaluate the risk and potential of existing and emerging solar cell technologies. We examine the potential & drawbacks of currently manufactured technologies (single- and multi-crystalline silicon, micromorph tandem cells, CdTe, CIGS, CPV, PVT), as well as pre-commercial technologies (organics, biomimetic, organic/inorganic hybrid, and nanostructure-based solar cells). Hands-on laboratory sessions explore how a solar cell works in practice. We scrutinize what limits solar cell performance and cost, and the major hurdles — technological, economic, and political — towards w

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Fromyear : 2008

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Subject : thin films

Subject : student work

Subject : commercialization

Subject : semiconductor engineering

Subject : doped polymer

Subject : nanostructures

Subject : self-organized systems

Subject : alternative energy

Subject : manufacturing

Subject : quantum dots

Subject : global energy supply

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