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Title : CMS.801 Media in Transition (MIT)

Description : This course centers on historical eras in which the form and function of media technologies were radically transformed. It includes consideration of the "Gutenberg Revolution," the rise of modern mass media, and the "digital revolution," among other case studies of media transformation and cultural change. Readings cover cultural and social history and historiographic methods.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2004

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Date : 2013-08-30T00:45:02+05:00

Relation : CMS.801

Language : en-US

Subject : Media

Subject : mass media

Subject : history

Subject : Gutenberg

Subject : cultural change

Subject : cultural history

Subject : social history

Subject : historiographic method

Subject : books

Subject : medieval history

Subject : codex book

Subject : writing

Subject : printing

Subject : printing press

Subject : stage

Subject : theater

Subject : renaissance

Subject : romanticism

Subject : modernity

Subject : inventions

Subject : photography

Subject : nineteenth century

Subject : image

Subject : telegraph

Subject : electrification

Subject : communication

Subject : Morse

Subject : Daguerreotype

Subject : Fox Talbot

Subject : phonograph

Subject : sound recording

Subject : radio

Subject : broadcasting

Subject : film

Subject : video

Subject : cinema

Subject : publishing

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