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Title : 18.712 Introduction to Representation Theory (MIT)

Description : This is a new course, whose goal is to give an undergraduate-level introduction to representation theory (of groups, Lie algebras, and associative algebras). Representation theory is an area of mathematics which, roughly speaking, studies symmetry in linear spaces.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2008

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Date : 2012-10-19T08:09:47+05:00

Relation : 18.712

Language : en-US

Subject : finite dimensional algebras

Subject : Quiver Representations

Subject : series Representations

Subject : finite groups

Subject : representation theory

Subject : Lie algebras

Subject : Tensor products

Subject : density theorem

Subject : Jordan-H?older theorem

Subject : Krull-Schmidt theorem

Subject : Maschke?s Theorem

Subject : Frobenius-Schur indicator

Subject : Frobenius divisibility

Subject : Burnside?s Theorem

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