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Title : MAS.962 Autism Theory and Technology (MIT)

Description : This course will lay a foundation in autism theory and autism technology that significantly leverages and expands the Media Lab's ability to pioneer new technology. Students will not only develop new technologies, but also understand, help, and learn from people with autism, a fast-growing group that the CDC identified in the year 2005 as involving an estimated 1 in 150 school-age children ages 6-21. Students will gain an understanding of the basic challenges faced by people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, together with their families and caregivers, and an understanding of the fundamental theories that inform therapies and technologies for improving the autistic experience. The course will also explore the converging challenges and goals of autism research and the development o

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Fromyear : 2007

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Relation : MAS.962

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Subject : social interaction

Subject : communication deficits

Subject : people sense

Subject : social cognition

Subject : embodied cognition

Subject : social skills intervention

Subject : asperger syndrome

Subject : autism spectrum disorder

Subject : systemizing

Subject : empathizing

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