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Title : STS.010 Neuroscience and Society (MIT)

Description : This class explores the social relevance of neuroscience, considering how emerging areas of brain research reflect and reshape social attitudes and agendas. Topics include brain imaging and popular media; neuroscience of empathy, trust, and moral reasoning; new fields of neuroeconomics and neuromarketing; ethical implications of neurotechnologies such as cognitive enhancement pharmaceuticals; neuroscience in the courtroom; and neuroscientific recasting of social problems such as addiction and violence. Guest lectures by neuroscientists, class discussion, and weekly readings in neuroscience, popular media, and science studies.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2008

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Date : 2012-03-09T00:07:32+05:00

Relation : STS.010

Language : en-US

Subject : cognitive science

Subject : evolutionary psychology

Subject : neurobiology

Subject : imaging

Subject : MRI

Subject : CT scan

Subject : fMRI

Subject : brain

Subject : mind

Subject : impluse

Subject : brain imaging

Subject : morality

Subject : moral reasoning

Subject : decision making

Subject : intelligence

Subject : empathy

Subject : trust

Subject : religion

Subject : love

Subject : emotion

Subject : gender differences

Subject : sexuality

Subject : stress

Subject : prejudice

Subject : mental focus

Subject : psychopharmaceuticals

Subject : antidepressant

Subject : neuroeconomics

Subject : neuromarketing

Subject : neurotheology

Subject : cognitive enhancement

Subject : witness

Subject : courtroom testimony

Subject : addiction

Subject : violence

Subject : learning

Subject : behavior

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