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Title : 16.888 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization (MIT)

Description : This course is mainly focused on the quantitative aspects of design and presents a unifying framework called "Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization" (MSDO). The objective of the course is to present tools and methodologies for performing system optimization in a multidisciplinary design context, focusing on three aspects of the problem: (i) The multidisciplinary character of engineering systems, (ii) design of these complex systems, and (iii) tools for optimization. There is a version of this course (16.60s) offered through the MIT Professional Institute, targeted at professional engineers.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2004

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Date : 2012-01-11T01:27:31+05:00

Relation : 16.888

Relation : ESD.77

Language : en-US

Subject : optimization

Subject : multidisciplinary design optimization

Subject : MDO

Subject : subsystem identification

Subject : interface design

Subject : linear constrained optimization fomulation

Subject : non-linear constrained optimization formulation

Subject : scalar optimization

Subject : vector optimization

Subject : systems engineering

Subject : complex systems

Subject : heuristic search methods

Subject : tabu search

Subject : simulated annealing

Subject : genertic algorithms

Subject : sensitivity

Subject : tradeoff analysis

Subject : goal programming

Subject : isoperformance

Subject : pareto optimality

Subject : flowchart

Subject : design vector

Subject : simulation model

Subject : objective vector

Subject : input

Subject : discipline

Subject : output

Subject : coupling

Subject : multiobjective optimization

Subject : optimization algorithms

Subject : tradespace exploration

Subject : numerical techniques

Subject : direct methods

Subject : penalty methods

Subject : heuristic techniques

Subject : SA

Subject : GA

Subject : approximation methods

Subject : sensitivity analysis

Subject : isoperformace

Subject : output evaluation

Subject : MSDO framework

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