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Title : 3.225 Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Materials (MIT)

Description : Electrical, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of metals, semiconductors, ceramics, and polymers. Discussion of roles of bonding, structure (crystalline, defect, energy band, and microstructure), and composition in influencing and controlling physical properties. Case studies drawn from a variety of applications including semiconductor diodes, optical detectors, sensors, thin films, biomaterials, composites, and cellular materials.

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Fromyear : 2002

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Relation : 3.225

Language : en-US

Subject : metals

Subject : semiconductors

Subject : ceramics

Subject : polymers

Subject : bonding

Subject : energy band

Subject : microstructure

Subject : composition

Subject : semiconductor diodes

Subject : optical detectors

Subject : sensors

Subject : thin films

Subject : biomaterials

Subject : cellular materials

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