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Title : 4.493 Natural Light in Design (MIT)

Description : Today, computer-based simulations are becoming increasingly popular, especially when daylighting and energy conservation are amongst the key goals for a project. This two-week workshop will expose participants to the current daylighting simulation models and beyond, by introducing realistic and dynamic assessment methods through hands-on exercises and application to a design project. Open to students and practitioners.

Fromsemester : January IAP

Fromyear : 2005

Date : 2008-07-17T00:34:47+05:00

Relation : 4.493

Language : en-US

Subject : daylighting

Subject : natural light

Subject : light calculations

Subject : software

Subject : electric light

Subject : spectra

Subject : spectrum

Subject : luminance

Subject : chrominence

Subject : comfort

Subject : design

Subject : sun

Subject : solar gain

Subject : diffusion

Subject : glazing

Subject : fenestration

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