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Title : 17.196 Globalization (MIT)

Description : This seminar explores changes in the international economy and their effects on domestic politics, economy, and society. Is globalization really a new phenomenon? Is it irreversible? What are effects on wages and inequality, on social safety nets, on production, and innovation? How does it affect relations between developed countries and developing countries? How globalization affects democracy? These are some of the key issues that will be examined.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2002

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Date : 2007-02-01T22:57:14+05:00

Relation : 17.196

Language : en-US

Subject : international economy

Subject : domestic politics

Subject : economy

Subject : and society

Subject : globalization

Subject : wages

Subject : nequality

Subject : inequality

Subject : social safety nets

Subject : production

Subject : innovation

Subject : developed countries

Subject : developing countries

Subject : democracy

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