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Title : 4.110J Design Across Scales, Disciplines and Problem Contexts (MIT)

Description : This course explores the reciprocal relationships among design, science, and technology by covering a wide range of topics including industrial design, architecture, visualization and perception, design computation, material ecology, and environmental design and sustainability. Students will examine how transformations in science and technology have influenced design thinking and vice versa, as well as develop methodologies for design research and collaborate on design solutions to interdisciplinary problems.

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Fromyear : 2013

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Relation : 4.110J

Relation : 4.S64

Relation : MAS.330J

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Subject : 4.110

Subject : MAS.330

Subject : design

Subject : media

Subject : animation

Subject : image

Subject : data

Subject : visualization

Subject : representation

Subject : database

Subject : Processing

Subject : fabrication

Subject : technology

Subject : systems

Subject : model

Subject : AI

Subject : intelligence

Subject : programming

Subject : optimization

Subject : machine

Subject : play

Subject : game

Subject : utopia

Subject : future

Subject : dystopia

Subject : science fiction

Subject : environment

Subject : growth

Subject : organization

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