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Title : 4.303 The Production of Space: Art, Architecture and Urbanism in Dialogue (MIT)

Description : This seminar engages in the notion of space from various points of departure. The goal is first of all to engage in the term and secondly to examine possibilities of art, architecture within urban settings in order to produce what is your interpretation of space.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2006

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Date : 2007-02-26T00:09:35+05:00

Relation : 4.303

Language : en-US

Subject : architecture

Subject : urbanisml gender

Subject : space

Subject : visual art practice

Subject : critical analysis

Subject : long-range artistic development

Subject : two-dimensional

Subject : three-dimensional

Subject : time-based media

Subject : installations

Subject : performance and video

Subject : visiting artist presentations

Subject : field trips

Subject : studio practice

Subject : aesthetic analyses

Subject : modern art

Subject : art history

Subject : body

Subject : phenomenology

Subject : personal space

Subject : installation

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