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Title : 2.080J Structural Mechanics (MIT)

Description : This course covers the fundamental concepts of structural mechanics with applications to marine, civil, and mechanical structures. Topics include analysis of small deflections of beams, moderately large deflections of beams, columns, cables, and shafts; elastic and plastic buckling of columns, thin walled sections and plates; exact and approximate methods; energy methods; principle of virtual work; introduction to failure analysis of structures. We will include examples from civil, mechanical, offshore, and ship structures such as the collision and grounding of ships.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2013

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Date : 2015-01-17T20:52:39+05:00

Relation : 2.080J

Relation : 1.573J

Language : en-US

Subject : vector

Subject : tensor

Subject : static equilibrium

Subject : strain

Subject : stress

Subject : Mohr's circle

Subject : elastic

Subject : virtual work

Subject : minimum total potential energy

Subject : beam deflections

Subject : energy method

Subject : shear stress

Subject : beam

Subject : shaft

Subject : experimental mechanics

Subject : stability

Subject : Rayleigh-Ritz quotient

Subject : column

Subject : buckling

Subject : load

Subject : plate

Subject : yield

Subject : plasticity

Subject : cylinder

Subject : fracture

Subject : implosion

Subject : submarine

Subject : Columbia Space Shuttle

Subject : BP

Subject : Deepwater Horizon

Subject : crashworthiness

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