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Title : 2.58J Radiative Transfer (MIT)

Description : This course investigates the principles of thermal radiation and their applications to engineering heat and photon transfer problems. Topics include quantum and classical models of radiative properties of materials, electromagnetic wave theory for thermal radiation, radiative transfer in absorbing, emitting, and scattering media, and coherent laser radiation. Applications cover laser-material interactions, imaging, infrared instrumentation, global warming, semiconductor manufacturing, combustion, furnaces, and high temperature processing.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2006

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Date : 2006-10-30T13:02:24+05:00

Relation : 2.58J

Relation : 10.74J

Language : en-US

Subject : thermal radiation

Subject : heat transfer

Subject : photon transfer

Subject : quantum modeling

Subject : materials

Subject : electromagnetic

Subject : absorption

Subject : emitting media

Subject : scattering

Subject : laser

Subject : imaging

Subject : infrared

Subject : global warming

Subject : semiconductor manufacturing

Subject : combustion

Subject : furnace

Subject : high temperature processing

Subject : Drude

Subject : Lorenz

Subject : gas

Subject : dielectric

Subject : Monte Carlo

Subject : simulation

Subject : solar energy

Subject : solar power

Subject : solar cell

Subject : 2.58

Subject : 10.74

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