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Title : 8.022 Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism (MIT)

Description : This course runs parallel to 8.02, but assumes that students have some knowledge of vector calculus. The class introduces Maxwell's equations, in both differential and integral form, along with electrostatic and magnetic vector potential, and the properties of dielectrics and magnetic materials. This class was taught by an undergraduate in the Experimental Study Group (ESG). Student instructors are paired with ESG faculty members, who advise and oversee the students' teaching efforts.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2006

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Date : 2007-04-25T00:48:59+05:00

Relation : 8.022

Relation : ES.8022

Language : en-US

Subject : Electricity

Subject : Magnetism

Subject : Maxwell's equations

Subject : electrostatic potential

Subject : vector potential

Subject : dielectrics

Subject : Coulomb's Law

Subject : Electric Field

Subject : Electric Flux

Subject : Gauss's Law

Subject : Electric Potential Gradient

Subject : Poisson Equations

Subject : Laplace Equations

Subject : Curl

Subject : Conductors

Subject : Capacitance

Subject : Resistance

Subject : Kirchhoff's Rules

Subject : EMF

Subject : RC Circuits

Subject : Th?venin Equivalence

Subject : Magnetic Force

Subject : Magnetic Field

Subject : Ampere's Law

Subject : Special Relativity

Subject : Spacetime

Subject : Biot-Savart Law

Subject : Faraday's Law

Subject : Lenz's Law

Subject : RL Circuits

Subject : AC Circuits

Subject : Electromagnetic Radiation

Subject : Poynting Vector

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