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Title : 8.01L Physics I: Classical Mechanics (MIT)

Description : 8.01L is an introductory mechanics course, which covers all the topics covered in 8.01T. The class meets throughout the fall, and continues throughout the Independent Activities Period (IAP).

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2005

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Date : 2006-11-03T12:12:08+05:00

Relation : 8.01L

Language : en-US

Subject : Introductory classical mechanics

Subject : space

Subject : time

Subject : straight-line kinematics

Subject : motion in a plane

Subject : forces

Subject : static equilibrium

Subject : particle dynamics

Subject : conservation of momentum

Subject : relative inertial frames

Subject : non-inertial force

Subject : work

Subject : potential energy

Subject : conservation of energy

Subject : ideal gas

Subject : rigid bodies

Subject : rotational dynamics

Subject : vibrational motion

Subject : conservation of angular momentum

Subject : central force motions

Subject : fluid mechanics

Subject : Technology-Enabled Active Learning

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