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Title : 15.082J Network Optimization (MIT)

Description : 15.082J/6.855J/ESD.78J is a graduate subject in the theory and practice of network flows and its extensions. Network flow problems form a subclass of linear programming problems with applications to transportation, logistics, manufacturing, computer science, project management, and finance, as well as a number of other domains. This subject will survey some of the applications of network flows and focus on key special cases of network flow problems including the following: the shortest path problem, the maximum flow problem, the minimum cost flow problem, and the multi-commodity flow problem. We will also consider other extensions of network flow problems.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2010

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Relation : 15.082J

Relation : 6.855J

Relation : ESD.78J

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Subject : 15.082

Subject : 6.855

Subject : ESD.78

Subject : network models

Subject : network design

Subject : maximum flow algorithm

Subject : minimum cost flow

Subject : shortest path algorithm

Subject : algorithm efficiency

Subject : preflow push algorithm

Subject : data structures

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