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Title : 15.020 Competition in Telecommunications (MIT)

Description : Competition in Telecommunications provides an introduction to the economics, business strategies, and technology of telecommunications markets. This includes markets for wireless communications, local and long-distance services, and customer equipment. The convergence of computers, cable TV and telecommunications and the competitive emergence of the Internet are covered in depth. A number of speakers from leading companies in the industry will give course lectures.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2003

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Date : 2004-05-21T04:46:02+05:00

Relation : 15.020

Relation : 14.28

Language : en-US

Subject : telephone

Subject : Internet

Subject : communications

Subject : economics

Subject : business strategy

Subject : technologies

Subject : wireless

Subject : convergence

Subject : cable television

Subject : governmental regulations

Subject : public policy

Subject : evolution of technology

Subject : computer hardware and software

Subject : VoIP

Subject : data and voice traffic

Subject : network integration

Subject : deregulation

Subject : cell phones

Subject : WiFi

Subject : Internet commerce

Subject : spectrum auctions

Subject : telecommunications markets

Subject : competition

Subject : wireless communications

Subject : long-distance services

Subject : computers

Subject : satellite TV

Subject : telecommunications industry

Subject : regulation

Subject : technology

Subject : market structures

Subject : data traffic

Subject : voice traffic

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