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Title : 15.310 Managerial Psychology Laboratory (MIT)

Description : Surveys social psychology and organization theory interpreted in the context of the managerial environment. Shares lectures with 15.301, with a separate recitation required. 15.301 is intended primarily for non-Sloan students, both graduate and undergraduate. Deals with a number of diverse subjects, including motivation and reward systems for engineers and scientists in industry; the aging of technical groups; the management of R&D matrix organizations; and the architecture of R&D laboratories and its effect on communication patterns in the organization. 15.301 is a core subject for students majoring in management science. A laboratory is a required element of the course for these students. It involves projects of an applied nature in behavioral science. Emphasizes use of behaviora

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Fromyear : 2003

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Relation : 15.310

Relation : 15.301

Language : en-US

Subject : Psychology

Subject : Group dynamics

Subject : Motivation

Subject : Reward system incentive

Subject : Incentive

Subject : Norms

Subject : Creativity

Subject : Decision making

Subject : Leadership

Subject : Career development

Subject : Organization

Subject : Mentor

Subject : Communication

Subject : Management

Subject : Business

Subject : business

Subject : career development

Subject : communication

Subject : creativity

Subject : decision making

Subject : group dynamics

Subject : incentive

Subject : leadership

Subject : management

Subject : mentor

Subject : reward system incentive

Subject : psychology

Subject : organization

Subject : norms

Subject : motivation

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