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Title : 21L.640J The New Spain:1977-Present (MIT)

Description : In this class we will come to understand the vast changes in Spanish life that have taken place since Franco's death in 1975. We will focus on the new freedom from censorship, the re-emergence of movements for regional autonomy, the new cinema, reforms in education and changes in daily life: Sex roles, work, and family that have occurred in the last decade. In so doing, we will examine myths that are often considered commonplaces when describing Spain and its people.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2015

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Relation : 21L.640J

Relation : 21G.740J

Language : en-US

Subject : modern Spain

Subject : Spanish Civil War

Subject : Franco

Subject : censorship

Subject : regional autonomy

Subject : Basque

Subject : Catalonia

Subject : óvar

Subject : educational reform

Subject : feminism

Subject : magazines

Subject : newspapers

Subject : films

Subject : television

Subject : fiction

Subject : Roman Catholic Church

Subject : Juan Carlos

Subject : constitution

Subject : reform

Subject : revolution

Subject : democratic transition

Subject : é Ibáñez Martín

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