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Title : 21L.715 Media in Cultural Context: Popular Readerships (MIT)

Description : What is the history of popular reading in the Western world? How does widespread access to print relate to distinctions between highbrow and lowbrow culture, between good taste and bad judgment, and between men and women readers? This course will introduce students to the broad history of popular reading and to controversies about taste and gender that have characterized its development. Our grounding in historical material will help make sense of our main focus: recent developments in the theory and practice of reading, including fan-fiction, Oprah's book club, comics, hypertext, mass-market romance fiction, mega-chain bookstores, and reader response theory.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2007

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Date : 2008-01-29T00:40:36+05:00

Relation : 21L.715

Relation : WGS.493

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Language : en-US

Subject : popular reading

Subject : highbrow culture

Subject : lowbrow culture

Subject : gender

Subject : taste

Subject : theory and practice of reading

Subject : fanfiction

Subject : fandom

Subject : Oprah

Subject : comics

Subject : hypertext

Subject : mass-market romance fiction

Subject : mega-chain bookstore

Subject : reader response theory

Subject : Harry Potter

Subject : sociology and history of reading

Subject : resistance

Subject : rare books

Subject : fads

Subject : social engineering

Subject : bestseller

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