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Title : STS.464 Technology and the Literary Imagination (MIT)

Description : Our linked subjects are (1) the historical process by which the meaning of technology has been constructed, and (2) the concurrent transformation of the environment. To explain the emergence of technology as a pivotal word (and concept) in contemporary public discourse, we will examine responses — chiefly political and literary — to the development of the mechanic arts, and to the linked social, cultural, and ecological transformation of 19th- and 20th-century American society, culture, and landscape. Note: In the interests of freshness and topicality we regard the STS.464 syllabus as sufficiently flexible to permit some — mostly minor — variations from year to year. One example of a different STS.464 syllabus can be found in STS.464 Cultural History of Technology,

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Fromyear : 2008

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Relation : STS.464

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Subject : history

Subject : technology

Subject : science

Subject : techne

Subject : industry

Subject : intellectual history

Subject : cultural history

Subject : management

Subject : engineering

Subject : industrial arts

Subject : mechanism

Subject : mechanical arts

Subject : technological determinism

Subject : manufacturing

Subject : manufactures

Subject : factory

Subject : capitalism

Subject : entrepreneurship

Subject : innovation

Subject : ecology

Subject : environmentalism

Subject : pollution

Subject : literature

Subject : American history

Subject : the Enlightenment

Subject : industrialization

Subject : Industrial Revolution

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