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Title : 6.931 Development of Inventions and Creative Ideas (MIT)

Description : This course examines the role of the engineer as patent expert and as technical witness in court and patent interference and related proceedings. It discusses the rights and obligations of engineers in connection with educational institutions, government, and large and small businesses. It compares various manners of transplanting inventions into business operations, including development of New England and other U.S. electronics and biotechnology industries and their different types of institutions. The course also considers American systems of incentive to creativity apart from the patent laws in the atomic energy and space fields. Acknowledgment The instructors would like to thank Joanne Rines and Elijah Ercolino for their efforts in preparing this course.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2008

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Relation : 6.931

Language : en-US

Subject : patents

Subject : inventions

Subject : United States

Subject : Alexander Graham Bell

Subject : telephone patent

Subject : innovation

Subject : inventors

Subject : rights

Subject : law

Subject : courts

Subject : modernization

Subject : ideas

Subject : creativity

Subject : original

Subject : American Telephone and Telegraph Company

Subject : Congress

Subject : Constitution

Subject : Patent Act

Subject : Thomas Edison

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