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Title : 24.500 Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Mental Content (MIT)

Description : Propositions are everywhere in the philosophy of mind. Believing, hoping, and intending (for example) are said to be "propositional attitudes", mental states that involve relations to propositions. The seminar will examine issues at the heart of the dispute between the proposition-aficionados and their detractors. The course will be divided into five parts, covering: (1) de se thought; (2) propositions; (3) knowing how; (4) perceptual content; (5) the knowledge argument.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2015

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Relation : 24.500

Language : en-US

Subject : philosophy

Subject : mental state

Subject : propositions

Subject : propositional attitudes

Subject : de se thought

Subject : knowing how

Subject : perceptual content

Subject : knowledge argument

Subject : perception

Subject : nonconceptual content

Subject : indexical

Subject : philosophy of mind

Subject : logic

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