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Title : 17.424 International Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Societies (MIT)

Description : This graduate class is designed as a Ph.D.-level overview of international political economy (IPE), with an emphasis on the advanced industrial countries. It also serves as preparation for the IPE portion of the International Relations general exam. An important goal of the course is to use economic theories to identify the welfare effects, distributional consequences, and security implication of foreign economic policy decisions, and to use the tools of political science to analyze how interest groups, voters, political parties, electoral institutions, ideas, and power politics interact to share policy outcomes.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2011

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Relation : 17.424

Language : en-US

Subject : International Trade

Subject : Industries

Subject : International Monetary

Subject : International Financial Relations

Subject : International Political Economy and Security

Subject : Voters

Subject : Cleavages

Subject : institutions

Subject : structure

Subject : Exchange Rate Regimes

Subject : Currency Crises

Subject : International Capital Mobility

Subject : Domestic Policymaking

Subject : Capital Account Openness

Subject : Foreign Direct Investment

Subject : Conflict

Subject : Economic Interdependence

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