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Title : 24.06J Bioethics (MIT)

Description : This course does not seek to provide answers to ethical questions. Instead, the course hopes to teach students two things. First, how do you recognize ethical or moral problems in science and medicine? When something does not feel right (whether cloning, or failing to clone) — what exactly is the nature of the discomfort? What kind of tensions and conflicts exist within biomedicine? Second, how can you think productively about ethical and moral problems? What processes create them? Why do people disagree about them? How can an understanding of philosophy or history help resolve them? By the end of the course students will hopefully have sophisticated and nuanced ideas about problems in bioethics, even if they do not have comfortable answers.

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Subject : 24.06

Subject : STS.006

Subject : medical ethics

Subject : ethics

Subject : genetics

Subject : life support

Subject : stem cell

Subject : GM

Subject : genetically modified

Subject : genetic engineering

Subject : risk

Subject : biomedical

Subject : medicine

Subject : cloning

Subject : euthanasia

Subject : enhancing or cheating

Subject : abortion

Subject : eugenics

Subject : slippery slope

Subject : organ transplant

Subject : organ donor

Subject : disease

Subject : public health

Subject : health care

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