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Title : 9.98 Neuropharmacology (MIT)

Description : The neuropharmacology course will discuss the drug-induced changes in functioning of the nervous system. The specific focus of this course will be to provide a description of the cellular and molecular actions of drugs on synaptic transmission. This course will also refer to specific diseases of the nervous system and their treatment in addition to giving an overview of the techniques used for the study of neuropharmacology. This course is offered during the Independent Activities Period (IAP), which is a special 4-week term at MIT that runs from the first week of January until the end of the month.

Fromsemester : January IAP

Fromyear : 2009

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Date : 2009-06-23T15:03:13+05:00

Relation : 9.98

Language : en-US

Subject : antidepressant

Subject : psychopharmacology

Subject : neurology

Subject : neuroscience

Subject : pharmacology

Subject : synapse

Subject : seratonin

Subject : drug

Subject : disposition

Subject : tolerance

Subject : physical dependence model

Subject : depot binding

Subject : classic antipsychotic drugs

Subject : experimental substance use

Subject : anabolic steroid dependence

Subject : biobehavioral effects

Subject : positive reinforcement model

Subject : phenethylamine hallucinogens

Subject : discriminative stimulus effects

Subject : nicotine reinforcement

Subject : somatodendritic autoreceptors

Subject : selected brain areas

Subject : many psychoactive drugs

Subject : terminal autoreceptors

Subject : abstinence signs

Subject : motor side effects

Subject : drug reinforcement

Subject : other psychostimulants

Subject : postsynaptic cell

Subject : nicotine tolerance

Subject : abstinent smokers

Subject : behavioral tolerance

Subject : chronic drug use

Subject : susceptibility models

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