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Title : 11.965 Reflective Practice: An Approach for Expanding Your Learning Frontiers (MIT)

Description : The course is an introduction to the approach of Reflective Practice developed by Donald Schön. It is an approach that enables professionals to understand how they use their knowledge in practical situations and how they can combine practice and learning in a more effective way. Through greater awareness of how they deploy their knowledge in practical situations, professionals can increase their capacities of learning in a more timely way. Understanding how they frame situations and ideas helps professionals to achieve greater flexibility and increase their capacity of conceptual innovation. The objective of the course is to introduce students to the approach and methods of reflective practice by raising their awareness about their own cognitive resources and how they use them in thei

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Subject : reflective practice, Donald Schon, Chris Argyris, conceptual innovation, knowledge generation, espoused theory, theory in use, reflection, tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge, learning cycles, reframing, conceptual frameworks, critical moments, experimentation, speculation, modeling, dialogue, theories, action, thinking, virtual worlds, mental model, framing, justice, equality, power, assumptions, intractable controversies

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Subject : reflective practice

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Subject : SECI Cycle of Knowledge

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