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Title : 6.781J Submicrometer and Nanometer Technology (MIT)

Description : This course surveys techniques to fabricate and analyze submicron and nanometer structures, with applications. Optical and electron microscopy is reviewed. Additional topics that are covered include: surface characterization, preparation, and measurement techniques, resist technology, optical projection, interferometric, X-ray, ion, and electron lithography; Aqueous, ion, and plasma etching techniques; lift-off and electroplating; and ion implantation. Applications in microelectronics, microphotonics, information storage, and nanotechnology will also be explored.AcknowledgementsThe Instructors would like to thank Bob Barsotti, Bryan Cord, and Ben Wunsch for their work on the Atomic Force Microscope video. They would also like to thank Bryan Cord for creating each video.

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Fromyear : 2006

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Subject : submicron and nanometer structures

Subject : optical and electron microscopy

Subject : Surface characterization

Subject : preparation

Subject : and measurement techniques

Subject : Resist technology

Subject : optical projection

Subject : interferometric

Subject : X-ray

Subject : ion

Subject : and electron lithography

Subject : Aqueous

Subject : and plasma etching techniques

Subject : Lift-off and electroplating

Subject : Ion implantation

Subject : microelectronics

Subject : microphotonics

Subject : information storage

Subject : and nanotechnology

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