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Title : 6.161 Modern Optics Project Laboratory (MIT)

Description : 6.161 offers an introduction to laboratory optics, optical principles, and optical devices and systems. This course covers a wide range of topics, including: polarization properties of light, reflection and refraction, coherence and interference, Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction, holography, imaging and transforming properties of lenses, spatial filtering, two-lens coherent optical processor, optical properties of materials, lasers, electro-optic, acousto-optic and liquid-crystal light modulators, optical detectors, optical waveguides and fiber-optic communication systems. Students engage in extensive oral and written communication exercises. There are 12 engineering design points associated with this subject.

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Fromyear : 2005

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Relation : 6.161

Relation : 6.637

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Subject : modern optics lab

Subject : modern optics

Subject : laboratory

Subject : polarization

Subject : light

Subject : reflection

Subject : refraction

Subject : coherence

Subject : interference

Subject : Fraunhofer diffraction

Subject : Fresnel diffraction

Subject : imaging

Subject : transforming

Subject : lenses

Subject : spatial filtering

Subject : coherent optical processors

Subject : holography

Subject : optical properties of materials

Subject : lasers

Subject : nonlinear optics

Subject : electro-optic

Subject : acousto-optic

Subject : optical detectors

Subject : fiber optics

Subject : optical communication

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