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Title : HST.722J Brain Mechanisms for Hearing and Speech (MIT)

Description : An advanced course covering anatomical, physiological, behavioral, and computational studies of the central nervous system relevant to speech and hearing. Students learn primarily by discussions of scientific papers on topics of current interest. Recent topics include cell types and neural circuits in the auditory brainstem, organization and processing in the auditory cortex, auditory reflexes and descending systems, functional imaging of the human auditory system, quantitative methods for relating neural responses to behavior, speech motor control, cortical representation of language, and auditory learning in songbirds.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2005

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Relation : HST.722J

Relation : 9.044J

Language : en-US

Subject : HST.722

Subject : 9.044

Subject : separation operations

Subject : recovery of products from biological processes

Subject : membrane filtration

Subject : chromatography

Subject : centrifugation

Subject : cell disruption

Subject : extraction

Subject : process design

Subject : downstream processing

Subject : biochemical product recovery

Subject : modes of recovery and purification

Subject : biochemical engineering

Subject : hearing

Subject : speech

Subject : auditory brainstem

Subject : auditory cortex

Subject : auditory reflexes

Subject : descending systems

Subject : human auditory system

Subject : speech motor control

Subject : auditory learning

Subject : cortical representation

Subject : dorsal cochlear nucleus

Subject : neural coding

Subject : thalamo-cortical organization

Subject : thalamo-cortical processing

Subject : audio-visual integration

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