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Title : 10.302 Transport Processes (MIT)

Description : Principles of heat and mass transfer. Steady and transient conduction and diffusion. Radiative heat transfer. Convective transport of heat and mass in both laminar and turbulent flows. Emphasis on the development of a physical understanding of the underlying phenomena and upon the ability to solve real heat and mass transfer problems of engineering significance.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2004

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Date : 2005-10-19T03:17:41+05:00

Relation : 10.302

Language : en-US

Subject : heat transfer

Subject : mass transfer

Subject : transport processes

Subject : conservation of energy

Subject : heat diffusion

Subject : boundary and initial conditions

Subject : conduction

Subject : steady-state conduction

Subject : heat diffusion equation

Subject : spatial effects

Subject : radiation

Subject : blackbody exchange

Subject : extended surfaces

Subject : gray surfaces

Subject : heat exchangers

Subject : convection

Subject : boundary layers

Subject : steady diffusion

Subject : transient diffusion

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