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Title : 17.508 The Rise and Fall of Democracy/ Regime Change (MIT)

Description : Coups, civil wars, revolutions, and peaceful transitions are the "real stuff" of political science. They show us why politics matters, and they highlight the consequences of political choices in times of institutional crisis. This course will help you understand why democracies emerge and why they die, from ancient times to the recent wave of democratization in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the developing world. Few things are more dramatic than the collapse of a political system, whether through violent conflict or the peaceful negotiation of new political institutions. Explaining why regimes break down, why new ones emerge, and how these new regimes are consolidated are among the most important questions in political science. Not surprisingly, regime change has obsessed scholars

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Subject : Coups

Subject : Civil war

Subject : Revolutions

Subject : Institutional crisis

Subject : Democratization

Subject : Southern Europe

Subject : Eastern Europe

Subject : Developing world

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