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Title : 9.52-B Topics in Brain and Cognitive Sciences Human Ethology (MIT)

Description : Survey and special topics designed for students in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Emphasizes ethological studies of natural behavior patterns and their analysis in laboratory work, with contributions from field biology (mammology, primatology), sociobiology, and comparative psychology. Stresses human behavior but also includes major contributions from studies of other animals.

Fromsemester : Spring

Fromyear : 2001

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Date : 2003-09-29T01:47:17+05:00

Relation : 9.52-B

Language : en-US

Subject : Behavioral modification

Subject : ethology

Subject : sociobiology

Subject : learning

Subject : Social Status

Subject : Cross-Cultural Differences

Subject : Persuasion

Subject : Politics

Subject : Individual

Subject : Sexuality

Subject : Dimorphisms in body and behavior

Subject : social organization

Subject : dominance structures

Subject : evolution of sexual signals

Subject : emancipation

Subject : Mating

Subject : reproduction

Subject : Emotion

Subject : Facial Expression

Subject : Displays

Subject : General Non-Verbal Communication

Subject : Sex Modeling behaviors

Subject : Machine interfaces

Subject : Cognitive ethology

Subject : Comparative cognition

Subject : Signs

Subject : Symbols

Subject : pharmacology

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