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Title : Lecture 2: Iterative Design

Description : Description: This lecture begins by exploring what a game is (and isn't) and defining the terms "mechanic" and "dynamic". Designers identify the core mechanic and dynamic of a game to help guide iterative playtesting and optimization. Instructors/speakers: Philip Tan, Jason BegyKeywords: rules, strategy, iterative design, playtesting, core mechanic, core dynamic, game design tools, emergent behavior, brainstorming, user feedbackTranscript: PDFSubtitles: SRTAudio - download: Internet Archive (MP3)Audio - download: iTunes U (MP3)(CC BY-NC-SA)

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Date : 2015-03-16T12:35:41+05:00

Language : en-US

Subject : rules

Subject : strategy

Subject : iterative design

Subject : playtesting

Subject : core mechanic

Subject : core dynamic

Subject : game design tools

Subject : emergent behavior

Subject : brainstorming

Subject : user feedback

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