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Title : 22.01 Introduction to Ionizing Radiation (MIT)

Description : This course provides an introduction to the basic properties of ionizing radiations and their uses in medicine, industry, science, and environmental studies. We will discuss natural and man-made radiation sources, energy deposition and dose calculations, and various physical, chemical, and biological processes and effects of radiation, with examples of their uses, and principles of radiation protection.

Fromsemester : Fall

Fromyear : 2006

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Date : 2016-09-05T05:29:00+05:00

Relation : 22.01

Language : en-US

Subject : ionizing radiation

Subject : natural radiation

Subject : man-made radiation

Subject : energy deposition

Subject : dose calculations

Subject : radiation protection

Subject : radiation damage

Subject : DNA

Subject : cell survival curves

Subject : radioactive decay

Subject : beta decay

Subject : gamma decay

Subject : radiological dating

Subject : radiation interactions

Subject : radon

Subject : medical imaging

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